The 2018 Quilt Show at Blount County Quilters Guild

The 2018 Quilt Show


October 26 & 27, 2018

Palisades Park

1225 Palisades Parkway

Oneonta, AL

Admission $5.00

The Quilt Show in two buildings. There will be a quilt raffle plus vendors which include food and an onsite knife/scissors sharpener.

The 2018 Quilt Show will sponsored by the Blount County Quilters Guild.

All quilters are invited to enter. 

One entry per category. Cannot accept quilts that have previously won ribbons at this show.

Quilt Categories:


1. Hand-Appliqued and Hand-Quilted (kits & others)

2. Hand-Appliqued and Machine-Quilted

3. Machine-Pieced and Hand-Quilted

4. Machine-Pieced and Machine-Quilted (Short-Arm/Home Machine)

5. Machine-Pieced and Machine-Quilted (Long-Arm)

6. Hand-Pieced and Hand-Quilted

7. Hand-Pieced and Machine-Quilted

8. Crib Quilts

9. Whole-Cloth Quilts

10. Mini-Quilts (24" or less)

11. Christmas Quilts

12. Quilted Clothing

Quilt Categories:


13. Pre-Printed Quilts (All)

14. Embroidery Machine

15. Wall Hangings

16. First Quilts

17. Miscellaneous (purses, totes, casserole covers, placemats, pillows, etc.)

18. Novelty (theme only)

19. Heritage Quilts

20. Group (worked on by two or more quilters)

21. Cross-Stitch/Embroidery-Hand

22. Lap Quilts or Throws

23. Machine Applique & Machine Quilted